Live Blackjack

Blackjack, which is considered as the big daddy of casino games, has taken a new avatar to show why it is still the favorite of casino fans all over the world. Playing blackjack online has taken a giant leap as online casinos are offering Live Blackjack!

So what is Live Blackjack? It is the same as all other online casino blackjack games, except for one feature. The dealer is real. Yes there is a video feed in the casino game that shows you a real person dealing the cards to you.

Playing Live Blackjack in an online casino like Casino Las Vegas is as good as being present in a regular casino and watching the dealer deal your cards. To me there is no difference in playing Blackjack in a regular casino or playing Live Blackjack. Playing Live Blackjack does give you the advantage that you get to be comfortably perched in your own house playing blackjack than having to take the time and expense of travelling to a regular casino. Also you get to play at anytime that suits you.

All that you have to do, to be a part of Live Blackjack is to choose an online casino that offers Live Blackjack as part of their gaming package and register with them. Playtech casinos like Casino Las Vegas have Live Blackjack.

Remember since live dealers are specially designed for real money games; make sure to register a Play for Money account. Once you choose Live Blackjack you can see a live video feed appear on your screen. This is the window that makes it possible for you to watch the live games as you participate in it. And you do not have to worry about the cards as the dealer will be using oversized cards to make sure that you get a good view of all the cards. Placing a bet is very simple as all that you have to do is choose the amount that you want to bet, from the chips that are available. But before you commence find out, what the betting limits are. Well what follows now, is nothing but pure bliss. I can guarantee you that this will be an experience unlike any other and you certainly will come back for more.